A Snippet of My Story

As a child, I've always wanted to do one thing: build aeroplanes.

My entire life up until high school had always been filled with mathematics and robotics. Then, high school came along and I realized that I'm not the best at memorizing formulas. On the contrary, I figured out that what I love about math is the ability to construct my own ways of solving a problem - and getting into arguments with people just to prove myself right.

That's how I ended up studying law.

Throughout my more than three years in college, I've been exposed to a wide array of opportunities and mentors, enabling me to secure top internships and scholarships from my freshman year. Realizing that I've been very privileged, I decided to give back as much as possible through education.

Along with some of my greatest friends, I'm currently building FlashCampus, a Diana Award-winning all-in-one platform helping thousands of Indonesian students find all sorts of opportunities and get connected with 100+ high-achieving mentors. Aside from that, I've already started taking academic positions as a teaching assistant and a student researcher.

I hope to one day play an active role in building legal academia in Indonesia.